New Year's Eve Reflections

2016 was the year I got my first tattoo. It was the year I got rid of more than half my worldly posessions. I held a garage sale for the first time. I bought my first caravan. I learnt how to tow. It was the year I said goodbye to Sanctuary Point. I travelled 23 000km over 4 states and territories with my family. I learnt to live in a very small space with very few belongings. I discovered that I could cook amazing meals with very little. I learnt that I could hike over 11km with a toddler on my back and that I could run in 36 degree heat and not keel over. I learnt how to live without close friends and how to make new friends very quickly. I discovered that travel brings families closer together, that I still enjoy spending time with my husband and that life is easier on the road. I took my business on tour and sold my creations to people at markets all over Australia. I returned to the classroom for the first time in 3 years and rediscovered my love of teaching. I fell in love with the Northern Territory, indigenous culture and hot weather. I enrolled in TAFE and started studying for the first time in 6 years. I turned 29, celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary and spent an entire year breastfeeding.

I swear every year just gets better and better. Bring on 2017!

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